Wednesday, August 21, 2013

180- Day Two Setting up a "sort of" INB and Estimation 180

I'm pretty sure that I can't really call what I'm using an interactive notebook, as there are so many elements of INB that I'm not using.  And it's definitely still a work in progress.  We switched this year from 90 minute periods to 47 minute periods so I'm needing to rethink many things I did in class.  The worst is that I'm so used to the flexibility of a 90 minute period for a variety of different types of activities- miss that!  We also added an additional class so I have about 150 students- so much grading time!  Oh well, on to things I have control over, right?!

So I'm using a composition far we designated p 1-3 as the table of contents, and p 4-5 for a copy of our class syllabus (includes rubric for SBG assessments so I wanted to include it there).  At the top of p 6-13 I had students glue a description of each of the Standards of Mathematical Practice.  My thought is that when we do an activity and students identify some of the practices they are using , they can jot examples down.  Later in the year they will have a bank of examples of each of the SMPs.  Hopefully :)

I really want students to be able to use the notebook as a resource for SBG, so I thought that we would label the pages with the standards that will be entered in the gradebook.  That way when students are studying or planning to retest they will have resources right there, and when we go to apply the standards to different concepts later in the year we will still have them handy.

We also started Estimation 180, including the brand new handout from the site.  I whited out the last column about calculating percent error.  That is in our second unit so I like that we will be able to go back and fill in percent error for all of our estimates in the first unit.  I'm just amazed already at the general lack of estimation sense, even for something as basic as height.  But I'm excited about doing it and think it will make for the perfect warm up length for the 47 minute periods.

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