Monday, March 4, 2013

Twitter and a bag of Vegetables (or two)

Totally inspired by Chris Robinson  @absvalteaching at and his tweet about a bag of frozen vegetables.  We made it into a family experience.  My 9 y.o. and I collected data first by steaming a bag of veggies and then weighing the different types of veggies in the bag.

Cooked Broccoli 3.9 oz
Cooked Carrots 2.4 oz

Cooked Cauliflower 3.2 oz

Cooked: Broccoli- 41%    Carrots- 25%   Cauliflower- 34%

She was curious by how different the total weight was compared to the outside of the bag, so we had to open a frozen bag and separate and weigh those!
Frozen Broccoli 5.2 oz

Frozen Cauliflower 4.2 oz

Frozen Carrots 3.9 oz

Frozen  Broccoli- 39%  Carrots-29%  Cauliflower 32%
photo of veggies with "solid" colors
 And a little bit more fun...I wanted to use the picture to get my I had my photoshop and programming savvy husband help me out...first we abstracted the different types of veggies in the photo, and then he wrote a program to calculate the number of pixels of each color.

broccoli: 3972507
cauliflower: 2322890
carrots: 1169426

Pixel Percents: Broccoli- 53%  Carrots- 16%  Cauliflower- 31%
photo of veggies from bag

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  1. As a follow-up, my recent bags have been much more like the data you collected here than what I was noticing at the beginning of this investigation. I must have gotten a few bags from a batch that came from a machine that was acting wonky. Makes me wish I had collect the lot information. Oh well, thanks!